Here was grown noble wines, chocolates, truffles, hazelnuts: goodness loved by the customer who love delicious  product  all around the world.

And here was grown the delights Bonifanti. The Piemonte history is created by taste. It combines the country culture to the traditions of an ancient capital with the  court pastry delicacies. The historical cafés of Turin and the typical restaurant of the country.

The origin of Bonifanti products comes from Piemonte, with its history, with some of its ingredients, and with a culture of artisan and  with a flair for doing well. In this land was grown the Glazed Panettone, the Milanese version enriched with a cream realized with typical hazelnuts collected in the Piemonte hills.

Here Bonifanti continues to knead the authentic Panettone from the Piemonte tradition, enriched with delicious ingredients and presented in packaging carefully packed by hand.

Bonifanti srl
Via Vigone, 51
10068 Villafranca Piemonte (TO)
Tel. +39.011.9800718 - Fax +39.011.9800549

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