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"If we make two panettone with the same ingredients but with two different yeasts mother, the two panettone will be completely different."

Good in every sense
Every day, more than 80 years, the sourdough white mother Bonifanti is refreshed with the addition of water and flour, to always give new nourishment to the microorganisms that create the dough rise.
Yeast Mother is always the same and is now stabilized, living in our climate. Nevertheless, it is checked several times a day and "pampered" by expert hands.

Here are the stages of sensory analysis performed daily by our masters.

You look at him to check the color and the large bubbles.
Touch it to check its consistency.
Sniff the aroma and to seize the effervescence released by the leavening.
The samples to evaluate the acid taste and sweet at the same time.
You listen to hear the elasticity.

Do not just say "sourdough"
To be called panettone, a product must be made with sourdough. The law says so.
The same law, however, allows the addition of yeast, which requires less care and creates a more standardized.
We only use natural yeast from White Mother Bonifanti. In more than 80 years of history, in the mixtures Bonifanti never entered one gram of yeast. We like that. And who relishes our products knows that it is the best choice.

There's yeast and yeast
The sourdough white mother is a mixture of flour and water, fermented by the microflora of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. By good bacteria.
It's the special ingredient Bonifanti to create a cake of high quality. The difference is noticeable in the aroma, in the taste and in the shelf life of the product.

Cloning impossible
Each yeast by Mother Nature Bianca is a collection of yeasts and lactic acid which changes from yeast to leaven according to the microclimate and treatments.
The sourdough white mother Bonifanti is a mixture that is used only for products Bonifanti. Even using the same ingredients and the same recipe, but different yeasts, the result will be different.

And the difference is a pleasure to taste.

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