Refined pearls of sweetness to taste 

Imagine a cake that calls the sweetest part of your imagination. You will be carried away by the scent of a freshly cake. A pastry rich, pure and genuine. Imagine a package that arouses your curiosity. You have found the specialty of confectionery Bonifanti.
To the classical reciptes of Piedmont tradition, such as Baci di Dama, Amaretti, Canestrelli and Almonds bisquits we put other speciality of high confecionary. Incanti, with drop of pure Chocolate and pieces of coconut. Valentini, intense emotions of short pastry with chocolate. Delicious Moretti, hanzelnut biscuits covered with extra dark chocolate.
The taste and the particular smell of a cookies with almonds, Fior di Mandorla. The Corolla to butter, a traditional recipe with pure pastry made with wheat flour, sugar, butter and egg yolk.


In this way was born a short pastry unique in the world.

The simplicity of the short pastry obtained by adding to the classical ingredients, a pinch of baking soda (as per the recipe of our grandmothers) to make softer, the lemon juice untreated squeezed at the moment of the dough, to give it more tasty.
No artificial flavors, no preservatives, no artificial colours. Only high quality ingredients selected and controlled.  Pure butter, analyzed at each arrival in the company, extra dark Chocolate of intense flavor, all from the Piedmont tradition. Bonifanti pastry is obtained by the method of so-called “wire-cutting”, so the dough is cut the into the desired shape, without pressure, thus maintaining its crumbliness.
The freshness and flavor of the product is guaranteed by the hermetic seal of each package.

Bonifanti srl
Via Vigone, 51
10068 Villafranca Piemonte (TO)
Tel. +39.011.9800718 - Fax +39.011.9800549

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