Nature offers, Bonifanti makes choices

Bonifanti choose the scents and tastes of nature to mix them carefully in his creation. 
Wheat flour is made from selected grains, characterized by a high content of gluten and protein, ideal for long rising times required by our  yeast. The eggs are strictly fresh, just shelled.  
ll butter is carefully selected and analyzed at every lot.
The raisins of Smyrna, with its large caliber grains with tender and thin peel.
The fruits choices in season, is specially candied for Bonifanti only with sugar and lemon juice.
The choice of Madagascar is authentic and in beans.



Bonifanti srl
Via Vigone, 51
10068 Villafranca Piemonte (TO)
Tel. +39.011.9800718 - Fax +39.011.9800549

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