Slow time, in respect of taste

The live yeast of "Mother White Bonifanti" is constantly nourished and refreshed with the addition of water and flour. The dough is divided, one part is preserved for the subsequent operations and the other begins its path of production.

Adding water, flour sugar, butter and eggs and it is left to stand overnight at ambient temperature and humidity controlled, the time during which the dough reaches the right level of leavening.

The next morning the mixture has tripled in volume and is ready for the addition of ingredients caratterizanti: orange, cedar, peach, pear, apricot, cherry, grapes and  chocolate. Is then portioned into cups baking resting place for the second rising. Ready to be garnished with hazelnuts icing, granulated sugar and the almonds the Panettone and the Colomba start cooking. Once baked are left to cool to room temperature over night.

It is now three days after and we are ready for the final touch: one by one are made by hand with great care.


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