A matter of style

The Art of Kit

We have some packs tastefully because, inside the company there is a team of people, they are all ladies, who hand-pack the product.
We turn to a market segment made up of pastry shops and specialty stores looking for this Type of products, the so-called "niche market".

An important thing to never underestimate is the hand-made wrapping. If we put so much effort and effort, from the leavening room to the dough, from the two leavening to the natural cooling, from the research of raw materials to the management of the sales force, there must be the same commitment in wrapping, one by one, every product.
Although in Bonifanti the most important work rhythms follow the anniversaries, there are activities that in the year never stop.

One of these is the choice of packaging, wrapping type, materials and styles. Who does this for craft in Bonifanti always tries to anticipate, to advance, to look forward, the fashion is also this.