Piedmont, land of taste

A sense of belonging

The common denominator of all of us is passion. When there is passion in the end can not come that a good product.

We have a heritage that is formed by our persons. There are companies that have a heritage formed by furniture, bank accounts, machines, know-how. In Bonifanti The lion part makes it its own staff.

There is an individual level relationship between each employee and the company's top management. You know everyone by name, there are daily contacts between the property and the administrative, logistical, productive and sales staff. Working in Bonifanti is a bit like working in a family.

Who Kneads, who cooks, who toasts, who follows the product in the various stages of processing has a culture formed over the years, which is not comparable to the "standard".

To do this kind of work you need to like it, and if this work like it because it gives satisfaction, even the least brought then ends up becoming in time a very qualified person.