The best ingredients

The balance of ingredients

At Bonifanti's company almost maniacal research in the choice of raw materials never stops.
And there is never a compromise with regard to the costs of raw materials and the quality remains constant regardless of the fluctuations in prices.

Bonifanti is a product-oriented company, in the sense that it focuses mainly on the type of product linked to extreme attention on Ingredientistica and the use of sourdough yeasts.

We are invaded by television programs where we talk about cooking, where the attention to the raw material is very push. Today the customer is informed about the origin of the butter, the candied fruit, the raisins, and the concept of the chain is increasingly known.

In Bonifanti all the people dedicated to production know every single ingredient, know where it comes from and how it is worked. Just so you can point to the ideal balance, just so you get the most good product.