Mother Dough


The mother sourdough Bonifanti

As once

A legend tells that the natural yeast was born about 5000 years ago during a flood of the Nile that flooded the deposits of wheat and flour. In this way it spontaneously started the fermentation of the flour and, when they tried to bake bread with that fermented flour, they noticed that it was certainly better.
Since then, putting aside a little bit of that dough and then adding it to the following doughs, the yeast was formed.

Well our grandparents knew it when they were making bread once a week and the bread was always soft. In the villages traditionally everyone could benefit from the oven in which they bake their own bread, and each had their own sourdough, an extraordinary thing.

The bread of Altamura, made with sourdough, is mentioned in the works of Horace. At the time they did not know that it was sourdough, but this means that we latins in some way have been in contact with this product for several centuries, and we have recognized and reported the exceptionality in many writings and testimonies.

Today, as once, the sourdough is cured by looking at it, tasting it percependoneing the aroma with the sense of smell and feeling the degree of maturation with the fingertips.

We do not know how many work exclusively with natural yeast, but we work like this. And in production has never entered an ounce of brewer's yeast to accelerate, to anticipate and so on...