The choice of Bonifanti

Automated Craftsmen

We consider ourselves artisans.
From the choice and the use of the ingredients to the machining processes, which are slow because they respect the times of nature as the mother yeast require.

We don't define ourselves as industrialists, we call ourselves automated craftsmen. All the operations that do not give an added value to the product are made by computers, by robots, by transporters. It's a choice, a philosophy. It is the type of flour that we are interested in, not "how" the flour goes into the kneader.
We try to automate everything that man can wrong and to maintain at the artisan level everything that connotes the craftsmanship and the intrinsic and organoleptic characteristic of the product.

The concept of the automated craftsman is the same as Mr. Bonifanti since 1932 and it has become our mission.
This artisan approach makes us reach incredible qualities. The best possible industry can standardize a product at good levels, but the exceptionality only reaches these handicraft products.