The Final Temptation


The differences

The Tasting

We ask who makes the product to taste it daily, so every day we do a quality check based on the real experience of those who make and know well the product.

In order to appreciate the Bonifanti product it is essential to taste it, to eat it. Our primary advertising activity is to make the product taste.

The moment you taste a Bonifanti panettone you understand the lightness, the simplicity, you understand that although it is a confectionery product it is not at all sweet. It's not rich in sugar, you taste that softness, you understand that the candied, which are true fruits, are like candies inserted in a soft bread.

To make this experience it need the desire to go and buy a Bonifanti panettone.
Always protagonist, in the highlight of the festivities or at breakfast, in the morning to soak in the milk.

It is much better to buy only one high quality product than to buy three of them, with the same global price but with a low quality.