Panettone Venexiana

Sometimes it is nice to explore something different at the table,  some unusual combination able to surprise also the most rigorous traditionalists. This Panettone topped with the classic hazelnut icing, is filled and harmonises candied apricot and cedar, dehydrated papaya pulp and pineapple.

Cod. C06 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


La Venexiana

Panettone Pera Pesca

Corolla pack makes this unique Panettone even more original, which satisfies those who wish to always try something different, in line with traditions. In this Panettone with hazelnut icing, the simple and genuine flavours of the candied pear and peach pulp find a perfect balance.

Cod. C05 1000 g - 6 pz x crt



Panettone Gran Milanese

Flavour and elegance. There are no other words to describe the impact of Gran Milanese Panettone presented in Corolla pack, an irresistible union to celebrate the greatest holiday of the year. 

Cod. C03 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Gran Milanese

Panettone Glassato Gran Moscato

Muscat is perhaps the most renowned and appreciated wine that accompanies desserts to conclude lunches and dinners on Italian tables, in fine style. With Muscat, the mix of  Bonifanti Panettone rich of raisins, is further exalted and even sweeter, finding the perfect balance.

Cod. C04 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Gran Moscato

Panettone Classico Glassé

The most classic of Bonifanti Panettoni is even more charming... and seems even more delicious... if presented at the table with the important decorative feature consisting of Corolla pack.

Cod. C01 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Classico Glasse'

Panettone in Giostra Milanese

Cod. C15 1000 g - 6 pz x crt

 Panettone in Giostra Glassato

Cod. C16 1000 g - 6 pz x crt