Mother Sourdough

The mother of Bonifanti goodness

Bonifanti white mother sourdough is a mixture of water and flour, fermented by a microflora of yeasts and lactic bacteria, which feed on gluten that transform into sugar and release the natural components capable of creating the dough leavening. The mixture is refreshed every day, manually, since 1932, the year of birth of Bonifanti, with the addition of new water and new flour, to give nourishment to families of virtuous microorganisms.


The three days of the Bonifanti Panettone

It takes three days of work, patience and special care to create a Bonifanti Panettone.

First day: the preparation. Respecting the slow rhythms of natural fermentation, the live yeasts of the “Yeast Mother Bonifanti” are constantly nourished and refreshed with the addition of water and flour. The first step of the preparation consists in the division of the dough: a part is stored for the subsequent processing, while another part begins its path to become a Bonifanti panettone.


The differences

When making a choice of value, such as buying a Panettone Bonifanti, it is right to know what the main differences of the purchase object are compared to what can be obtained with a cheaper or apparently cheaper option.


Raw Materials and Ingredients

The difference is felt that it is a pleasure. The goodness, although at least partly subjective, can not be evaluated if not compared with other similar products. We invite you to taste our products comparing them with others. That’s right, the difference feels like it’s a pleasure.


Piedmont, land of taste

The history of Piedmont is made of taste. It combines an original rural culture with the tradition of an ancient capital of Italy with the delicacies of the court confectionery. The historic cafés of Turin and the country trattorias are the contemporary expression of a cultural scenario that for centuries has embraced every family and connects traditions and customs, such as the typically Piedmontese tradition of “merenda sinoira”, a peasant invention that anticipates some centuries the custom of the aperitif of the late afternoon and the ritual of “happy hour”.


International recognitions

Among more than 10,000 di erent products, with blind tastings, Panettone Bonifanti Gran Milanese won the GREAT TASTE AWARD 2010, with the highest score - the three gold stars - awarded only to 10 confectionery specialties from around the world.