Bonifanti presents a novelty: la Nostra Torta.
In three exquisite and original variations, these soft cakes are packaged in a cute box that is easy to carry. The yeast meets original combinations of ingredients making that each slice is soft, very fragrant and with an intense taste.

Torta con Filetti di Arancia e Cioccolato

A combination loved by confectioners and gourmets:orange fillets and drops of extra dark chocolate.

Cod. R02 600 g - 4 pz x crt


Torta Mela e Uvetta

Raisins and slices of candid apple with an intense cinnamon aroma. Soft and delicious.

Cod. R03 600 g - 4 pz x crt


Torta Cappuccino con Gocce di Cioccolato al Latte

The scent and flavor of a classic italian breakfast enriched by the consistency of sweet drops of milk chocolate.

Cod. R04 600 g - 4 pz x crt